Executive Search

Personnel recruitment is a managerial task

Among experts and in management literature, it is recognized that finding the best match for vacant management and specialist positions is one of the most important tasks of CEOs, managing directors and top-level management. This task may not be delegated because finding the right employees for the right functions is essential for the culture and performance of a company. The search is very difficult and time-consuming, but there are professionals to whom you can hand over a large part of this work.

What we represent

Over the last 25 years we have supported top managers of corporations in making wise choices in the recruitment of top-class employees. We stand out from the large number of HR consultants because we perfectly combine the continuously improved personnel search with decades-long HR management experience in internationally operating companies.

The outcome: Not only do we fulfill all personnel search orders to our clients’ complete satisfaction, our long-term success has been proven : The vast majority of our candidates are still active in the company even after several years.

What we offer our clients

  1. We cooperate closely with our client’s company and therefore develop a deep understanding of their culture, strategies, customer relations and processes. From our point of view, the match between the company and the personality of the candidate is one of the key factors for the long-term satisfaction of both parties.
  2. In the second step we systematically search the complete German-speaking (and on request international) area through different personal and digital channels. We also include our broad network. We also know that the candidates who must be enticed away from their current task are often the most suitable.
  3. We save our clients from working through long lists of suggestions. Instead we provide an extensive pre-selection process. In detailed interviews we analyze potential managers and specialists, using testing methods where appropriate. In combination with our keen sense of people, this helps us clarify the strengths of our candidates and harmonize them with the requirements of the company.
  4. Finally, we present a short list of two or three convincing candidates to our clients.
  5. We invest a lot of time in our candidates. Because this is – as Warren Buffet said – ”The only investment which pays off thousandfold”, we intensively prepare the invited candidates for the interviews and interview partners. As a general rule we also participate in the interviews in order to give feedback after the first interview.
  6. Since starting a job in a new company and acclimating with the culture always takes time and patience, we support the new managers and specialists up to six months after starting their new job. This is to overcome any possible hurdles.

Our Personal Guideline

Even though our past success speaks for itself – we always strive to improve, with engagement, in close cooperation with our clients and candidates. Careful procedures, highest appreciation for people, a deep understanding for the need of the seeking company and the instinct for the cultural and personal match pay off in our opinion.