Your people make the difference

It’s the people who are important for corporate success.
This philosophy, applied in our corporate claim, highlighting the great importance of your employees, is our main benchmark.

This also applies for us: Our employees make the difference.

Our Team

HR Consulting & Services has been active in the market since 1993.

When we support you in human resource matters, you are dealing with a human resource service provider who thinks ahead. Our first premise for every contract is to find and develop the right employees and to retain them.

Our entire team with excellent competence, experience and personality is at your services. Our team has up-to-date knowledge of the labor market and an instinct for trends and needs of different generations. We are as heterogenous, exciting and professional as our clients and their employees.

We are the experts for Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Employee Retention with the relevant experience for your employee search, development and retention. Our specialists offer consulting services on a holistic, individual and transparent basis, and integrate our team members with their particular practical knowledge.