The market offers a wide range of coaching services. We specialize in the support of executives from the beginning (also executive coaching or business coaching). Why: Executives are confronted with challenges and difficult situations on a daily basis. For their solution they may require limited support or simply seek a second opinion.


We achieve great effectiveness with our comprehensive coaching approach . In over 30 years of experience in top management functions at home and abroad, we know the questions that may arise. Together, we develop suitable solutions for the executive, tailored to the specific situation. Our guideline is: As few interactions as necessary, as much support as possible.


With our high analytical competence, we are able to reveal the most urgent issues of the executive in a two to three-hour first interview. We are successful because we consider the human context of the executive as well as the systemic connections in the professional environment.

Business Reference

All team members have been properly trained in coaching (i.e. transaction analysis, appreciative inquiry etc.). With several decades of management experience, our attention is primarily on the enhancement of the effectiveness of the executive in his/her job, as the only function of an executive, as Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik said, is to achieve concrete results.

Our great respect for the executive we are working with is based on the central idea of Milton Hyland Erickson, whose opinion was, that an executive already has all skills to resolve problems; nothing has to be added, but be revived.

Our business-oriented approach focuses on strategy and targets, their daily accomplishment, increase of the EBITDA (earning before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and the consequent promotion of all involved people.

Moreover, we continue with our education in order to have insights into the latest trends.


From our intensive work with executives we know that executives don’t need theoretical debates. Instead they want tailored and well thought out – maybe even microinvasive – solution models, which they can implement immediately. Based on our broad entrepreneurial experience, we develop a catalogue of measures (intervention) in cooperation with the executive. Only then can implementation begin.

What else separates us from others

  • We manually record every interview including the developed interventions. During the course of the cooperation the executive receives a compendium for developing his/her work or person.
  • We do not use canned solutions, and we only suggest measures that are well-proven according to our experience.
  • We are very cost-sensitive and work in a minimalistic way. In most of the cases we work with existing human and equipment resources.
  • A respectful interaction with the executives is most important to us. Our main goal is that the executive has and keeps control, not the consultant.