Employee retention as one of the central challenges for companies

Especially with the near full-employment and lack of specialists nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult for companies to find good employees and to retain these talents over the long term. Staff motivation and loyalty have a strong influence on the corporate success.

We have to apply a markedly higher level of attention to the complex and more varied demands of employees, especially in these times of New Work. The question to ask is how to build the foundation for high employee satisfaction and motivation in order to retain them for the long-term.

Companies are challenged more than ever before. In this faster moving corporate world, it does not meet the needs of employees to only pay an appropriate salary. For the modern employee two things are necessary above all Feel good and safe at work as well as satisfied.

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feel good and safe?

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Effects on the success of the company

High employee satisfaction increases revenue and reduces costs in several steps. The corporate success grows.

Sales Side: Satisfaction, happiness and motivation are THE revenue drivers of New Work and will be the future key success factors for companies. Several studies prove if employees enjoy working, they are more efficient and perform at a higher quality. According to a University of Warwick study, happy employees are up to 12 % more efficient and productive than their unhappy colleagues. A Gallup study points out a direct connection between employee motivation and productivity. This study even states a 21 % higher productivity of motivated workers in comparison to their unmotivated colleagues.

Cost Side: According to a Gallup study from 2019 the absentee rate of less engaged employees is 132 % higher than the absentee rate of their happy colleagues. According to this study an absence day of an employee and the associated lower productivity creates a loss of 252 Euro per day. Absences of dissatisfied employees average 8.8 workdays, while satisfied employees average only 3.8 workdays. If we make a conservative estimation, that 20 % of the employees in a company with 1,000 employees are dissatisfied, this results in a loss in productivity of a quarter of a million Euro.

Staff turnover costs are especially concerning. According to a study of an HR consulting company, direct and indirect costs for resignation, search, entry and opportunities, as well as a supplement for miscasts, add up to 43,069 Euro per employee turnover.

Do you know the sales potential if your employees are more efficient and

your costs because of dissatisfaction and employee turnover?

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Our Consultative Approach and Customized Solutions for our Clients’ Success

It is important to present the true atmospheric picture of a company. For this, we developed a 360-degree consultation process. A true support for us is a detailed process that consists of several stages:

During the important analysis phase, we discover the needs of executives and employees through direct interviews and scientifically substantiated questionnaires. The data is aggregated and handed over to the executive management with recommendations for action about the scope of the project. The questionnaires used are based on more than 400,000 employee interviews.

In the following conception phase, we create a highly customized concept in order to find the appropriate measures for the company in cooperation with the selected employees.

During the implementation phase, the concepts are put into effect. Safety topics for the whole company such as insurance for the senior management, for the company and for its employees (Feel Safe), as well as the identified topics regarding the well-being of employees are implemented by experienced trainers (Feel Good).

The implementation phase is followed by the fourth phase, which aims at the long-term nature of the installed concept and its measures long-term support of the clients to identify and ensure long-lasting success of the measures and to track the effectiveness of the newly created Employer Branding.

A long-term cooperation includes fulfilling the promise of success of the Feel Good & Safe concept, but also the repurchase of services.

We are inspired by the positive psychology of the well-known Maslow hierarchy of needs: If employees feel secure and their basic needs are met, they have the highest potential for being developed into top performers. To achieve this effect, this consulting service for employee-centered culture of success, consists of two parts: Feel Good Consulting and Feel Safe Insurance Services.

Feel Good Consulting includes coaching measures and concepts to bring well-being, increased motivation and a high appreciation to your employees. The companies are advised within these five topics. For each field we cooperate with specialists, experienced coaches and trainers to achieve an optimum result for our clients.

Feel Safe Insurance Services includes an overall concept to insure a company to the fullest extent. We analyze how to best cover the senior management, the company, and its employees, to minimize risks as far as possible and create a maximum safety for the corporate environment.

Do you know about the possible or necessary Feel Good options for your

employees and the insurance alternatives for the entire company?

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